Landscape & Design Service

Rollout Lawns

So why a roll out lawn ?  It is instant, has quality grass and no bare patches. With seeding there is no guarantee that you get even growth. The risk if weeds is much higher and the time frame is several weeks.  Do remember that a roll out is not weed free as air born spores may get in over  time.


What we do for you with a Roll Out:

  • Dig up and remove old lawn
  • Prepare and level the  grounds for the new lawn
  • Supply and lay the new roll out
  • Roll in the new lawn and leave to grow
  • Return to apply first mowing


What you can expect :

The area for laying the lawn must be bright and open to ensure growth If your old lawn is full of weeds then it needs to be sprayed 2 weeks in advance of the new lawn. You should not walk on the new lawn for a week or so to let it settle in. If the lawn is rolled out in a dry period it will need regular watering til growth is established. Leave the new lawn at least 2 weeks before cutting


That's the guarantee.